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The quality of our product is our main priority. What is translation quality and how can it be evaluated? Unfortunately, most common standards that are used in the translation industry, e.g. EN 15038, ISO 9001, describe mainly the business process management algorithm in a company rather than criteria that can guarantee the translation quality itself. However, we believe that without excellent quality management it is impossible to achieve the best translation result, even with first class specialists. Therefore, we have developed an ISO 9001-2009 certified quality management system, which guarantees that our workflow represents a logical chain of operations, in which every employee has their own clearly defined role and responsibilities. This, for example, ensures that every single project always undergoes all standard quality control procedures, regardless of its volume, deadline and subject.

In order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, apart from the main procedures required by ISO 9001-2009 standard we have implemented the following EN 15038 driven and own quality assurance processes:

  • Selecting of freelance translators on the basis of documented requirements for qualification and experience, as well as test translation results
  • Rating of translators and editors, which presupposes quality assessment (LQI) of several completed projects for a defined time period (the higher the rating, the more often the translator is involved)
  • Creating project reports for translators with descriptions of changes, implemented by an editor and during the final checking stage (change reports)
  • Thorough analysis of a source text subject to ensure a suitable project team is chosen (involving of specialists with different qualification if necessary)
  • Thorough scheduling of translators’ and editors’ deadlines (partial delivery of the finished text by a translator to ensure enough time for editing and eliminating delays)
  • Issuing instructions to all parties involved in the project
  • Constant control over the project progress by a project manager
  • Checking of every project according to the internal checklist and in the Quality Assurance and Terminology Management system
  • Approving of every project by an in-house editor, who makes sure the translation meets all customer’s instructions

At the same time, the Lingvoman Translation Centre management understands that the implementation of any requirements and standards will be ineffective without proper motivation of full-time employees as well as freelancers. By conducting trainings, practical and refresher courses, providing licenses on translation products, offering large translation volumes as part of the projects for the world market leaders we have become an attractive employer for experienced and highly-skilled specialists in Ukraine and Russia.