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Who We Are

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Our Product

Our product is a translation which is: 

  • made in a client requested CAT-tool by a translator and an editor who are specialists in a corresponding field
  • checked according to the checklist and in the Quality Assurance and Terminology Management system
  • approved by an inhouse reviewer who ensures strict adherence to customer’s instructions and wishes
  • timely delivered to the client

All company processes meet the requirements of our quality management system, which is ISO 9001:2009 certified.

Every single translation step is performed according to a strict procedure, allowing us to minimize mistakes at every stage.

Professional project managers continuously control the status of your project, dealing with any possible delays or problems in a timely manner in order to ensure that our customers get their jobs done on time and are absolutely satisfied with them. You can focus on your own tasks since your translation projects are in good hands.

We never undertake projects for which we do not have appropriate specialists, or projects with a priori unreal deadlines and volumes. We never promise to do the impossible. However, we stretch to the limit to prevent our business from becoming a one-order business – we aim for long-term cooperation with every customer. In order to achieve this goal in current market conditions, we need to demonstrate both top quality of translations and high performance.